Relationship breakdowns

Mediation In Business

Mediation helps preserve business relations. It encourages open dialogue. It is time and cost effective, which means less disruption to your day to day business operations. Mediation can resolve issues like:

Boardroom disputes
Contractual disputes
Debt resolution
Partnership disputes
Shareholder disputes.

In mediation, the parties remain in control of the outcome by negotiating a contractually binding agreement based on their business interests. Both parties have control over the decision to settle the dispute and the terms of any settlement agreement.

The goal is resolution

Dialogue is important if parties are to fully understand each other and once parties have a chance to fully discuss issues, resolution becomes a real possibility. Mediation encourages the open flow of information in a way litigation cannot. No one wants to end up in court.

OT Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

Significantly reduced costs.
Significantly shorter time frame.
Non adversarial.
Non Judgemental.
Personal Empowerment.
Helps Preserve Relationships.
Totally Confidential.
Without Prejudice.
High Settlement Potential.
In commercial mediation the mediator is looking to the parties to identify what can work for them.
Disputes are in many commercial organisations. They can be internal or external or by association.

Why Mediation?

By focusing on the problems and examining potential solutions together. The parties can overcome deadlock and very often re- establish a working relationship. Mediation is a highly successful, cost effective and private form of dispute resolution.

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