Relationship breakdowns

Family Mediation

Family disputes, in their nature are very emotional and stressful. Making it particularly difficult to agree any decisions. They can be between:
Children/ Siblings
Different family groups.

Family Disputes/ Succession

Mediation does not require a full-blown dispute, it is an assistive intervention in order to avoid future problems and difficulties. Mediation facilitates families and other relevant persons to have important conversations and make decisions that reflect the needs of all.

The mediation process ensures that you are treated equally and given an equal right to be heard in a safe space and to have your wishes discussed and taken into account.

The type of agreements made in mediation are:

OT Mediation

Partial - This addresses a particular issue.
Interim - Where an agreement is made for a specific time frame.
Financial - Covers a statement of means, assets, finances and liabilities.
Child Maintenance & Custody - Covers all matters relating to the care of the children.
Parenting - Addresses parenting issues and supports a good parenting model.
Succession - Covers matters regarding wills, finances and properties.
Care plan for elderly - a workable forward-thinking plan with the emphasis on the quality of life for the older person.
Comprehensive - All issues resulting from a family breakup.


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