Relationship breakdowns

Workplace Disputes

When a conflict emerges in the workplace between employees, managers and customers it is a very stressful time for all. While most conflicts are one-time occurrences that resolve themselves, intervention is vital if the matter is ongoing or escalates.

Workplace Investigation

In some situations, you may find it necessary to engage an independent investigator to make findings concerning a matter. We provide a confidential investigation service. We carry out our investigations effectively, speedily and sensitively and structure our reports impartially.

Workplace Mediation

Mediation has become an indispensable tool in dealing with workplace disputes. Without intervention, workplace disputes can result in work environments poisoned with conflicts, lower productivity and the loss of effective employees. Mediation CAN resolve disputes between employees or issues arising between employees and their employer. Workplace mediation allows a problem to be resolved informally, by ensuring that all sides are heard, as they work together to solve the problem, the resolution of it is in the control of the participants. Where they are committed to a mutually agreed solution it is likely to be more effective and last longer.

OT Mediation

Why does mediation work in workplace disputes?

Mediation Is Confidential, parties get to air and resolve their differences without 'the whole company knowing'.
An External Mediator is unconnected to the situation and therefore their neutrality and impartiality is guaranteed.
Mediation gives parties a safe, neutral setting to air their grievances.
Workplace disputes can often escalate to involve formal procedures, Mediation can intervene before things go 'too far'

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